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 Residential Waste Solutions

Choose a customized, convenient dumpster solution to save money. Your commercial or residential waste management needs may change, and you want to get the best value you can. Select Davis Sanitation Inc for a personalized solution.

Work with our waste management specialist to select an affordable, customized option for your home or business.

Choose from:

  • 96 Gallon Polycart - 1 x Week pickup $40.00 per month with a Non-Refundable set fee of $15.00
  • 2Yd Dumpsters - 1 X Week Pickup $70.00 per month with a Non-Refundable set fee of $30.0 * Not available to all residential areas

In Rural areas we guarantee twice a month pickup during adverse weather in order to save wear and tear on roads, equipment and private drives.

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